Yours Truly – Afterglow (Review)

After a meteoric rise to popularity and subsequent signing to UNFD, Sydney’s own Yours Truly have arrived with all guns blazing, delivering their sophomore EP Afterglow. Following up from 2017’s Too Late for Apologies, the release is here right on time to quench my everlasting thirst for top-notch Australian pop punk.

Some lucky fans (myself included), were fortunate enough to hear the EP in its entirety all the way back in January at a listening party at UNIFY Gathering. If you’re still waiting to hear it however, you’re in for a real treat when Afterglow releases on April 12th. Yours Truly are Mikaila Delgado (vocals), Teddie Winder-Haron, Bradley Cronan (drums), and Lachlan Cronin (guitar).

It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to breaking down Afterglow. While its short run time is tormenting to say the least, clocking in at just over 18 minutes, the four-piece haven’t shied away from squeezing as much possible into five fantastic songs. Each feels so unique and unlike the track preceding and following it, yet there’s an exceedingly substantial consistency that flows through the entire EP.

From its outset, Afterglow is an honest reflection of who Yours Truly are. The colourful and vibrant “Circles” feels outgoing and exciting from the opening riff, while the sound production feels so full, jam-packed with booming melodies and punchy drums around every corner. Taking centre stage frontwoman Delgado is unrelenting, with resounding vocals that should never be understated.

Continuing, the EP never once dulls. From “I Can’t Feel”, an upbeat, yet emotive piece that discusses Delgado’s struggles with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome to the musical roller coaster that is the title track in “Afterglow”, there is an incredible amount of substance in every single song and undoubtedly something for any listener somewhere within the EP. Everything feels so focussed and direct, like the band had a clear vision they were determined to see through and this only makes for a more engrossing experience for listeners.

Yet, despite being fantastic throughout its entire run time, the four piece still find the means to take it to another level with moments of monumental brilliance that will leave listeners more excitable than the ShamWow guy. It’s flashes like the key change in “I Can’t Feel” that’ll leave fans reeling, while the feature in “Delusional Paradise” from Between You and Me’s Jake Travis is a personal highlight that is sure to blow admirers back.

It’s time to take your cliché goggles off, because Yours Truly aren’t ‘the next Paramore’, and they aren’t just trying to take a leaf out of Tonight Alive’s book, they’re their own damn entity. Afterglow is distinctive, original and more than anything, an undeniable breath of fresh air. It ignores overdone genre tropes, there’s no unnecessary “woah-ohs” or needless breakdowns, not indulging in superfluous solos or mind numbing instrumentals because it is more than interesting enough without them.

Despite its artwork, Afterglow is anything but a candle flickering in an autumn breeze. It is infectious and unstoppable like wildfire, burning brighter than the fiercest fire. I could go on forever about how fantastic this EP is, but I best not give everything away. Yours Truly are picking up steam faster than the Hogwarts Express, so you better get yourself onto the hype train before you miss something that is above all else, completely magical.

Yours Truly - Afterglow
  • Yours Truly - Afterglow
The Good

It’s distinctive, original and infectious. There’s something in Afterglow for everybody. It has a consistent sound despite five very diverse tracks, and it just kicks ass, it’s that simple.

The Bad

How about you go and try to find something wrong with it, punk.

Andrew Cauchi

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