Diamond Construct – Night Terrors (New Music)

Your favourites from Taree have shared some good news: Diamond Construct‘s debut self-titled album is on the way! Along with the news comes the release of “Night Terrors”. The fresh single will join previously released singles “Submerged” and “Paradox” on Diamond Construct when it drops on May 17th via Greyscale Records.

Beginning muffled and submerged, “Night Terrors” fittingly reflects a suffocated, buried, or unconscious state as it starts. It’s reminiscent of the fluffy suspension of dreaming, where you can’t scream or move. Soon enough, “Night Terrors” sonically ‘wakes up’, blowing out into fiercer and sharper sound and clarity. With vocalist Kynan Groundwater crying out “Just give me something!” surrounded in heavy intricacy, we’re swiftly alongside someone struggling and seeking something to anchor them.

From early in the new single, it’s clear that Diamond Construct seem to have hit their stride with “Night Terrors”. The new song comes across strong, interesting, and creative – definitely adding hype to the album to come. Features like the downward slide of the chorus stand out, where the listener is left to be putty in the hands of complex guitar work, and an unsettled atmosphere continues.

“Rose in the dark, such desire
I got burned by your tail and fire”

A multilayered push to an edge is where the second verse drops into a breakdown. Visually the mirror shatters, and each member of Diamond Construct come together to craft a multi-angled state of intensity. “Night Terrors” features short and sharp shifts of mood, taking the listener from dreaming to awake.

Opening up about the inspiration behind the track, Kynan shares “Night Terrors came together out of real experiences of sleep paralysis and nightmares during a very difficult time for myself. That’s the reason this new single feels so real to us, and we hope that it hits just as hard for you.” Diamond Construct have described their upcoming debut album as something that captures their listening roots and recent inspirations, intending for it to be listened from beginning to end for best appreciation of what they’ve intended to create. Keen!

Pre-order Diamond Construct via http://www.grysclrec.lnk.to/diamond and watch “Night Terrors” below via YouTube. You can also catch the band on tour with Thornhill, Born Of Osiris and Chelsea Grin – Click for dates, locations, and tickets.

[Diamond Construct image courtesy of Colin Jeffs]


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