White Bay – In My Head (New Music)

Sydney based rockers White Bay have just released their new single/music video for their track “In My Head,” and have set the bar high for their forthcoming EP, releasing in late 2018. White Bay are known for their powerful music, with their sound predominantly being made up of crazy riffs, impressive vocals, and ridiculously skillful instrumentals. They will be playing a few shows to celebrate the release of the single, and are not currently signed to a record label. The talented trio are made up by Sam Marks on vocals/guitar, Dennis Hionus on bass, and Rory Chenoweth on guitar.

The track itself, “In My Head,” appears to speak of inner demons, and how they can affect you. The noises and voices inside your head are taking their toll. They poke and prod around in your head, make you dance, make you hurt, and make you suffer. The never ending attack upon you is difficult to deal with when it feels as if it is coming from within. The track sums this up in a straightforward yet fitting manner, as it speaks of the demons as if they are a whole other person inside your mind, trying to take over.

“In my head, under my skin, drag you out from deep within.
In my head,  behind my eyes, fingers deep within my mind.”

Given that the track speaks of the constant struggle of a mental battle with yourself, the lyrics match up with the instrumentals on this. The instrumentals are fast, hard, and seem almost manic with how fast they are at times. The guitars in particular give a sense of anxiety, as the sexy riffs roll on and on, making you feel like you’re holding on for dear life but also hoping that they never end.

The vocals are also very strong, as they give off rather Alter Bridgey vibes, in particular they remind me of the theme song of WWE Superstar Edge (The Rated R Superstar). The harsh but melodic vocal tones are echoing, almost hauntingly so, and ring through your mind as the lyrics are repeated and the song grabs you and makes you pay attention to it.

Check out “In My Head” now on YouTube and all music streaming services:


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