Semantics – Cemeteries (New Music)

With new song “Cemeteries”, Brisbane based Semantics have focused their punk rock energies toward the important topic of mental health. “Cemeteries” is the first single from the band’s upcoming second EP, following on from their 2017 self-titled EP. The single will be celebrated at a launch show at Brisbane’s Crowbar on Friday 25th May.

The trio of Callum Robinson (vocals, guitar), Jack Willett (bass, vocals), and Mitch Lawrence (drums) have a newfound “no bullshit” philosophy that they express via their fresh single, within the upcoming EP, as well as in their daily lives. With this declaration, the lyrical content of “Cemeteries” is as humble and genuine as you’d expect. We’re taken through the (unfortunately) very real experience of losing friends to suicide, through the lens of vocalist Callum Robinson.

“I know I’ll see you soon enough”

The fact that plurals play a part in lyrics such as “I’ve lost more mates than I’ve lost footy games” hits pretty hard. Callum’s life seems to have become a blur of funerals and the subsequent conversations and thoughts, leaving him with trying to make sense of it all. The music video (filmed and directed by Will Johnstone, who also did Bugs’ “Glue” video) captures the mateship of the band. The guys are shown roadtripping and hanging out together at the pub and by the water, with moments of quiet, mucking around, or conversation. It acts as both capturing the mateship expressed within the song, as well as perhaps a reminder of simple times that can keep people going or pull them out of a dark state.

Beautifully done, the song is respectful to those they lost, as well as expressing the aching aftermath. Down-to-earth vocals, hard-hitting drums, and reminiscing riffs come together in a way that’s warm, with a rough-edged ending to suit the frustration and pain.

Check out “Cemeteries”‘ video below. Details about the “Cemeteries” launch:


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