Waxflower – Back to Back (New Music)

If you’ve been living under a rock, the name Waxflower might be one that’s new to you. After releasing one of the year’s tastiest singles in their debut “Cut Your Teeth” only a couple months ago, the Brisbane born pop-punk quartet are back to serve up their brand-new single “Back To Back”.

While I thought this when the band debuted their first single, I find no reason not to reiterate that there truly is nothing not to like about Waxflower – at least two songs into their young career. Even though I never thought they would be, Waxflower aren’t a one trick pony, and their new single proves it.

Poignant from the get-go, “Back To Back” is the kind of song to get stuck in your head from the moment you hear it. Like most pop-punk, it’s not riddled with complexity yet there’s enough substance underlying the song that makes the song entirely palatable, even after repeated listens. Like a well-crafted soufflé, once you crack this song open it is simply oozing with juicy goodness.

Prefaced by bubbly drumming and flashy guitar, it’s the centrepiece that is frontman Tristan Higginson’s vocals that really hit the song for a home run. Sugary-sweet, they just feel perfectly equipped to deliver the singalongs that are sure to accompany the band’s live show in the future. The song feels warm and lively, and with the way it’s delivered you’d barely know that it deals with much darker themes.

“All the words that I have said, they play back to back in my head”

A song that explores the everyday battles of an overactive mind, Higginson describes “Back to Back” as “a voyage into my own neurosis.” Citing the regular panic attacks that he had to overcome and the consequences this had on his own health, the song reflects on a constant and unrelenting struggle that for many people is something that can only be thought up in their terrified imagination.

Although I could detail every minor thing I love about the song, what really gets me when it comes to “Back To Back” and Waxflower in general, is the response that the music generates within me. Simultaneously, the band’s songs sound like a breath of fresh air in an Australian pop-punk scene that is not short on talent, while also feeling so ridiculously nostalgic. It has the feel of the classics like Wheatus and Kisschasy with a modern twist; effortlessly paying homage to genre stalwarts while not blatantly ripping them off.

I’ve said this about many bands in the past, and I’m not afraid to say it about Waxflower too – but this is a band to watch because with songs like “Back To Back” it’s only so long before they’re the kings of the world.

Listen to “Back To Back” via Soundcloud below.


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