Endless Heights – Cold Hard Kiss (New Music)

Though it’s now ten years since their formation as a band, Endless Heights are proving they’ve still got it! Single “Cold Hard Kiss” releasing today is the newest creation from the Sydney based quintet, which seems to herald a new era for the collective.

Never a band to stay quiet for long, February saw Endless Heights release a collection of stunning stripped back versions of songs from their incredible Vicious Pleasure album in The Paralyse Sessions. They also recently covered Tears For Fears‘ “Head over Heels” for the latest Uncle M Sea Shepherd Benefit compilation.

Some of the dreamy-eyed haze of the classic song may have leaked into the band’s sound and direction, with “Cold Hard Kiss” carrying a satisfyingly retro vibe along with Endless Heights’ signature qualities.  The single was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Elliott Gallart of The Chameleon Sound and (so far, anyway) comes as a standalone single. It’s a new chapter for Endless Heights nonetheless and we are keen to see how things continue to unfold!

“I’m just another classic runaway”

Described by vocalist Joel Martorana as thematically being about “allowing your thoughts and feelings to come to the surface, even when they stand at odds with each other”, “Cold Hard Kiss” is both dreamy and serious; expressed with light melodies, and is steady and driving of both pace and guitar. Softer moments of surrender show up (“And I close my eyes”) amongst pleading moments of attempted connection. The chorus is easy and dreamy despite the vocal yearning.

The song has a slow and delectable build to it, adding to an atmosphere of mystique, with pockets of misty echoes and hard to grasp layers of instrumentation. This lack of solidness is perfect for conflicting feelings. I adore the bass presence and warmth throughout the track, the sparkling melodic guitar, and the thoughtful spaces left potently throughout. It’s practically a lounge-esque tune toward its end, and fades away as gradually as it built itself up.

I’m loving what seems like Endless Heights’ unbounded creative flow into whichever sounds fit their thematic intention. This approach is probably what has kept this band fresh and current over their decade of hard work.

I adore the watery metaphors of “Cold Hard Kiss” which work brilliantly in capturing distance, numbness, and overwhelm of a relationship. If there were a music video, it would almost need to have the guys of Endless Heights suspended underwater and hard to reach in murky and frigid waters. But until that happens, let’s just create that in our heads, and soak up “Cold Hard Kiss” via its audio video on YouTube (below), triplej Unearthed, or via any of our favourite streaming places. We can also catch it live, as Endless Heights are playing select Australian shows in honour of the new single (details about that below!).

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