Waterparks: Live at Backbooth, Orlando 8th March

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Waterparks have just had their first headline tour of the US, along with Too Close To Touch, Creeper and Chapel, with most shows selling out. The final show of the tour was on 8th March, at Backbooth, Orlando, Florida.

The Backbooth show was sold out and Waterparks played songs from Double Dare as well as their old EPs. Awsten was sick but still hang his heart out, and chatting with the crowd between songs. A sweet moment was when they invited a girl to come up on stage to (excitedly) translate with sign language while they played “Stupid For You”.

We’ve learned that the girl was Amber Soler and she shared her amazing story with us as to how this happened:

“I have a goal of being a music interpreter and bringing it to tours. That way you eliminate the need to request one. When I was went to this show, I had no intentions of asking to come on stage.

I did made each of the boys a sign with their names fingerspelled along with the bands name and my business card attached. When Geoff came out and met some of us before the show I gave his to him and told him what I do and he knew who he was. He must have recognized me from my interpretation videos on twitter. That was such an amazing moment.

I knew Awsten was under the weather so I saw him and gave him his and he immediately started to learn his name. Then I gave Otto his as well and he thanked me.

Something changed from when I got to the venue to when they got on stage. I wrote a note on my phone and showed Awsten and he said yes. No one has let me do this before. I was nervous, but when I got up there I didn’t feel scared or afraid.

I felt like that is where I belong. That just showed me with hard work and dedication I know I can get to where I want to be. I’m so grateful to them.”

The trio from Houston met fans after the show at their merch table, again reinforcing the down to earth guys and great performers that they are.

Depth Magazine’s photographer Taylore Moore was there to capture Waterparks on stage as well as some fans waiting before the show. Check out her amazing photos in our gallery.

Connect with Waterparks on:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/waterparks
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3QaxveoTiMetZCMp1sftiu

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