Void Of Vision – You Will Bring Me Down (New Music)

Void Of Vision are showcasing their recent European adventure with their new music video. The video for “You Will Bring Me Down” was captured by Cian Marangos when the band were on tour with Miss May I. It showcases Jack Bergin, James McKendrick, Mitch Fairlie, and George Murphy doing what they do best; coming at us with explosive energy and rocking out with style, in impressive scenes of a distinctly European flavour. The Eiffel Tower is an obvious standout, lit up in sparkling gold, but I’m a fan of power stance guitar on the boat (aka ferrycore).

Third on Void Of Vision’s incredible EP Disturbia, “You Will Bring Me Down” shares the experience of a relationship in turmoil and the realisation of how poisonous the presence of their (former) lover was; not just for the relationship itself, but for their own well-being and mental health.

“I realised that I was getting better when you got better at walking away”

Carrying the same infectious and driving energy as the other three tracks of Disturbia, “You Will Bring Me Down” weaves frustration and a sense of finality with powerful and anthemic choruses and confrontational verses. The video and track together feel like freedom in escaping from something damaging.

As well as releasing the new music video, the four piece have announced they’ve signed with 123 Agency to handle bookings in Australia. They’re celebrating with headline shows in Melbourne (Howler, 25th May) and Sydney (The Lansdowne, 14th June), with supports by Ocean Sleeper and Bad Juju in Melbourne, and DVSR, Ocean Sleeper, Maverick in Sydney. To avoid disappointment, get your ticket now: Melbourne – Sydney – https://bit.ly/2HenGeE

Watch “You Will Bring Me Down” video below via YouTube. You can also now catch the track on our Spotify playlist: The Depth List: 2018.


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