Like Thieves – Never See It Coming (New Music)

Like Thieves are building the hype for their national tour in the right way, as they battle with their inner demons in the new music video for their recent single “Never See It Coming.” Based in Brisbane, Like Thieves are on the way up, as the single has received a huge amount of praise, and this video will certainly help with that even more. The band is made up of Clint Boge on vocals, Oden Johansson on guitar, Clint Gough on bass, and Daniel Trickett on the drums.

The music video is a fast paced black and white video clip that follows one man as he runs through the city. The quick cuts of the video match the fast and jarring nature of the instrumentals, matching the theme of the song itself. The man in the video leaves his house and immediately senses someone chasing him, trying to get him. The flashes and quick shots of the other darker version of himself indicates that his inner demons are chasing him.

As the song is about mental illness it fits in rather perfectly, and the video is quite confronting as the man breaks down as the demons in his head appear to take control. The song lyrics perfectly match the video too, as they are rather grim and touch on mental illness as if it is from the perspective of the illness itself.

“You can’t hide from my eyes, I see you, run from your lies.”

As the video goes on, the man gets more and more frantic, as the disease takes over and takes a hold of him. It truly reflects the hell people can go through with mental illness, and is especially good at the imagery of it all taking place inside this one man’s head; running around town whilst trying to run from his own thoughts is very effective at reflecting the songs meaning.

The song itself has some excellent instrumental work, as well as a fantastic vocal performance. It heightens and lowers the pace exactly when it needs to, and is actually quite a heavy song a times. The melodies in the verses are very good, lyrically and vocally. “Never See It Coming” can be interpreted very easily as one that is about mental illness, and it does a very effective job of addressing the horror that it is and what people go through. It really gives you a feeling of hopelessness, and feels as if the control is taken out of your hands even while you are merely a listener.

Like Thieves are soon heading out on a national headline tour to celebrate the new single, so check out the new music video below, and grab tickets for the upcoming tour HERE. You can also find the track on our Spotify playlist: The Depth List: 2018.


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