Better Half – Rest Your Head (New Music)

Alternative Rockers Better Half have today put forward a beautifully honest track with their new music video for “Rest Your Head.” This was accompanied by the announcement of a much anticipated EP titled Maybe I Was Wrong, which will be released on May the 11th via Resist Records. Known for his success with Melbourne act Belle Haven, Christopher Vernon has stepped into the frontman role for Better Half, and is backed up by Matt Van Duppen (of Thornhill) and Joel Adams on guitar, Ben Guenther on bass, and Adam Pinzone on drums.

Christopher fully flourishes in the role of frontman, and with previous Better Half singles “Mourn” and “Reason to Leave” already proving this, the bar was set. The guitars set the tone for this track beautifully, as they combine with the drums and bass to create a gorgeous sound that creates a feeling of optimism. It continues as the vocals kick in, with a lot of emotion and passion behind them.

The lyrics speak about being in a relationship and getting stuck in the space of mind that there is a timer on everything. It is about not allowing yourself to be purely happy, and not taking in the moment that you’re in right now because you’re feeling that the end is coming. We follow the speaker as they suffer inside their own head, attempting to accept the brutal reality that everything ends.

“Everything whithers and everything dies.
How long will it be before we’re fading away?
I’m not okay, you’re not okay, and thats just fine.”

He tries to keep himself going and stay happy but he just can’t escape the mindset that he’s stuck in, as it echoes through his head and tells him over and over that it is going to go bad. The mindgames that one plays with themselves when in a relationship are perfectly reflected here, as this beautifully written track really tugs at the heartstrings.

“No matter how hard I try I just can’t let it go.”

The music video itself has a very dark tone, as there is very little light shown, and the band is shown playing in almost pure darkness. This is obviously reflective of the tone of the lyrics, and makes clear the dark mindset one would be in when writing this kind of song, as well as the late night thinking expressed in the track.

On “Rest Your Head” Christopher said “lyrically, “Rest Your Head” was written at 3am whilst laying next to my girlfriend at the time, knowing the relationship was about to end just like everything else does. I’ve always believed in saying it how it is and making lyrics that are straight to the point so people can relate to it easily.” This certainly comes across in the track, as it really hits home, and is beautifully written with a sense of honesty that is rare.

I personally am incredibly excited to see more out of Better Half, as “Rest Your Head” is already one of my favourite songs of the year so far. Watch the video for “Rest Your Head” here:


Catch Better Half supporting Endless Heights on Saturday the 28th of April at Northcote Social Club in Melbourne:

You can also pre-order the EP now:



Maybe I Was Wrong tracklisting:

1. Fixate
2. Stop
3. North
4. Rest Your Head
5. Reasons To Leave (Digital only)






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