Void Of Vision – Fair Weather (Track Of The Day, 11th July)

I saw these guys at R!ot the other night and their performance was insane!

Void Of Vision number five souls. A soul is a heavy thing. Especially when it carries sad, bitter anger.” (UNFD). Void of Vision are a metal core group from Melbourne with the most amazing stage presence.

Their track “Fair Weather” comes from their album Children of Chrome. This album a collection of “11 songs of protest, power and sheer energy” (UNFD).

The track is heavy and the vocals are deep.

“Is this an expression of my desperation, or a question of whether I’m to be on my own”

You can hear the desperation in the screams. You feel and heartache and loneliness in the vocals. The guitar riffs add to the intensity of the pain being expressed.

“When it rains it always pours, just don’t let me in because I always want more”

I want more of these guys. I have them on repeat.

They’ll be touring with Deez Nuts in August and I can’t wait to see them again!

Live photo credit: Corey Bonadiesi @ Chelsea Heights [more]

Kahlia Sharpe

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