Oceans To Athena – Siren Song (New Music)

Melbourne alt rock four piece Oceans To Athena have released a new single (and video) in the lead up to their first ever east coast Australian tour this month with Sydney’s Hollow Heart.

Oceans To Athena are Morgan Jones (vocals), Michael McLaren (guitars), Nick Davies (bass), and Joshua Layt (drums).

“Siren Song” is high energy and the band goes hard at it. The track captures a sense of frustration of obstacles in the way of what is calling to them, being stuck in the old and finding it hard to get free.

“Trying to find the space between what we’ve got and what we want
Trying to find the space between who we are and who we want to be”

If “Siren Song”‘s video is anything to go by, Oceans To Athena will go off on stage!

Check out “Siren Song” as well as details below the video on Oceans To Athena’s tour.





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