Void Of Vision – Babylon (New Music)

Continuing to build hype toward the release of Hyperdaze, Void Of Vision have released a second single “Babylon”.  At just over two minutes long, the track doesn’t muck around and bares its fangs early on with a pummelling introduction. It follows on from previous single “Hole In Me”, and sits third on the upcoming album (releasing 13th September via UNFD).

Despite its hectic drum-fury start, “Babylon” isn’t a thick wall of sound throughout; finding a steady groove that’s painted over with static roars. Hard to find in the cavernous space at times, vocalist Jack Bergin drops relatively dark statements, which is something there’s plenty of in Hyperdaze.

When asked about the new single, Bergin refers to it as “my own dark twisted little fantasy”. Elaborating, he says “”Babylon” is my outlook on the world that I live in.”  Due to his personal observations of gradual declines of integrity and the growth of ignorance and injustice, there doesn’t seem to be anything bright ahead. We’ve seen similar themes in Void Of Vision’s music before, where “Kill All My Friends” took the same concept of lack of integrity to its creative extreme; with the character sacrificing everything in the name of success.

“No gods, no masters motherfucker”

Reading between the lines (and the title), “Babylon” seems to tie into religion too and the idea of superiority with faith. However when it comes down to basic facts, we’re all mortal beings who are on the same inevitable path of eventual death, no matter what/who we pray to.  Summing up the new single, Bergin acknowledges “It’s a bleak and defeated mentality, but I really just wanted to express my current frame of mind to accompany the rest of those dark thoughts amongst Hyperdaze.”

This bleak nothingness is captured well by the spaces that exist beside thunderous percussive strikes, and ethereal tones that hum and shift during the openness of an ending breakdown section. The heavy cut is an appetite whetting piece for sure.

Y’all ready for Hyperdaze? Pre-order now here: https://unfd.lnk.to/Hyperdaze


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