James And The Cold Gun – She Moves (New Music)

How about starting a fresh week with something new? You might already know James Joseph as the bassist of Holding Absence. With brand new project, James And The Cold Gun, Joseph is equipped with a guitar instead and poised at the microphone, with none of Holding Absence’s signature brooding to be found.

More garage punk than atmospheric and more plainly stated than poetic, “She Moves” is the world’s introduction to James And The Cold Gun. The track is an infectious one, with its hand-clapping verses featuring Joseph’s crooning and noisy riffs. “Ooh-ooh”s and light layers mixed with that aforementioned catchiness make for a dreamy time with “She Moves”. At times voice gets pleasantly lost in the midst of guitar and driving beats, coming across like a tumbling down into the sweetness of affection.

“She Moves” hits a peak at its bridge, where intertwined repeated vocal lines and instrumental tension expands and moves in waves. Screamed vocals see the song to its end, leaving an aftertaste of “more please!” once it’s finished. The track is a good time that doesn’t outstay its welcome and is a brilliant debut song from the project.

Joseph shared on twitter I’ve always wanted to try singing and playing guitar in a project but have never really had the confidence to do so until recently.” We dig “She Moves” and do hope there’s more up the James And The Cold Gun’s sleeve! Listen via YouTube below.


Kel Burch

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