Morale – Dopamine (New Music)

The UK heavy-rocking lads Morale have dropped their latest single “Dopamine”, leaving us with a lot to unpack. With a history only spanning back to 2018 you’d be fair to assume there’s not a lot to hear from Morale. You would be wrong, however. The trio have released a handful of singles and already delivered their debut EP Left for Dead back in May. If I’m using my fingers to count correctly (which I am), then that’s only a four-month gap. Well, four months is too long apparently as Morale’s eyes are set on the future.

“Dopamine” is a fun piece on the ear; at first it is a nostalgic 90s sound akin to the garage and grunge rock bands of its time, but there’s more going on below the surface. On initial listens, the track sounds like a drug-inspired melody with lines like “I feel alive when I get high.” The song is using this as a metaphor for the current state of society’s technology addiction. Each scroll and each tap are drip feeding dopamine to the user and mentally numbing people. While I do love the sound and idea, I can’t help but wince at the idea of ‘this generation’. There’s a lot to rant about but this isn’t my political column; the message is accurate and engaging, but close to annoying when it comes to blaming people in an age bracket.

The lyric video (animated by Matthew Entecott and Tash Tully) reinforces the themes of “Dopamine”, visually connecting technology and our internal responses to the experience.  The ideas the band present are current, interesting and heavy, but something that deserves some love is the sound they’ve cultivated. It is a must for any alt-rock fan, anywhere from Nirvana to Basement. The track’s catchy chorus and gnarly mix of guitars and percussion makes a killer combo to blast in your bedroom.

Check out “Dopamine” via YouTube now:


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