Violent Soho – Covered in Chrome (Track Of The Day, 13th January)

Today’s Track Of The Day is a sick tune, courtesy of Violent Soho. Violent Soho are Luke Boerdam, Luke Henery, Michael Richards and James Tidswell.

The track is “Covered In Chrome”, from Violent Soho’s Hungry Ghost album, the third album from the band, released in 2013 by I OH YOU.

The first time I heard “Covered In Chrome” was when watching the music video. The video was instantly a throwback to my childhood and teenage years, growing up in Brisbane, Australia, where the band are from and the video is set. You don’t see those Queenslander style of houses anywhere else. Every Brisbane kid has been to a party held in one of those under-house nooks, and I can remember the cool and the smell of the concrete of those spaces, along with that laid-back vibe that Queenslanders do so well.

In terms of the song meaning, “Covered In Chrome” is said to be based on the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, which began as a student demonstration.

“All I ever wanted was an afternoon
A middle class and an open sky
They rushed in the square with a paper alight
They pushed down the statue and spat on it’s side

A feeling is a piece of skin wrapped in a pocket
All the king’s men fell down on their knees
Raise their arms to a leader outside
Praising the devil they said
Hell fuck yeah”

There’s a lot to love about this track. We love the sparseness of the verses and the chaoticness of the choruses (“YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!”), which the video does a brilliant job of showing.

Check out “Covered in Chrome” below.


If you’re curious as to how they made the video, here’s a behind the scenes video.

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