Vespera – Bloom (Track Of The Day, 21st December)

Seattle rock band Vespera have our Track Of The Day today.

The four piece of Jonathan Wolfe (vocals & guitar), Jonathan Schwartz (drums), Cairn Tse-Lalonde (guitar) and Paul Anderson (bass) formed in 2016, with “Bloom” as their debut single that released in May this year. The band then went on to release “Obsidian Dreams” and are most recently embarking on a mental health initiative with The Jed Foundation, and the release of “Paradise” ft. Spencer Sotelo of Periphery. Vespera have album The Thoughts That Plagued You on the way for 2018.

“Bloom” is what we’re featuring today. The track is hard-hitting from the start, and soon oozes warmth and care despite ominous vibes. Determination blankets the chorus, where even if the outcome is unknown, they hope beyond hope for the best.

“We will bloom”

Determination builds strength from the second verse, feeling like force of will alone will make change happen, to benefit themselves and another. A sense of disconnect lingers, while the strong track seems hellbent to break through barriers, to reach the unspoken and bring it to life.

The determination goes way beyond the personal, seeking for time itself to be ‘convinced‘ to be enough in itself for the change they’re seeking. A peak of determination hits feverishness that’s hard to deny with fiery screams. “Bloom” is a powerful wish for healing, and is echoed by a powerful music video demonstrating the same breakthrough forces for change and reconnection.

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