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If you follow Depth Magazine, Noija is a name you would have seen mentioned a lot over the past few months. The band grabbed our attention with their debut single “Unknown” in September, and have proven themselves as a band to notice, with consistently impressive singles coming swiftly from the Noija collective, before the release of their album Colorblind in October.

Noija are Nick Serlstedt (vocals), Daniel Lundgren (drums), Max Mauritsson (bass) and Ludvig Ottosson (guitar). We reached out to the Swedish alternative rock/metal four piece, determined to know more about them, and also keen to go deeper into Colorblind, beyond our own interpretation.

As well as being Noija’s vocalist, Nick is a photographer and cinematographer. Both he and Ludvig have lent their creative talents to the band’s music video creation (Nick) and production (Ludvig). The duo are the forces behind the dreamy and immersive music videos for “Unknown”, “A Touch From The Sun”, and “Can’t Slow Down”, adding a cinematic layer of metaphor to the band’s drive and focus.

Nick and Ludvig have generously created two videos for us to reveal more about Noija and their music. In the video below, the guys take us track by track and share the inspirations and intentions behind the songs they have written on Colorblind.


As well as Colorblind, we were curious to know more about the band. The four piece seemed to come out of nowhere and they’re already gaining a solid reputation of crafting consistently strong music. We figured others might be curious too, so we asked Nick and Ludvig about:

* The origin of their band name – How do you pronounce ‘Noija’?
* What it’s like to be Swedish and be creating/singing in English
* What drives them as a band
* How Colorblind has been received and what has surprised them most

For the curious (hello!), the Swedish word that Nick refers to is ‘noja’ which translates to mean ‘madness’. The way in which it sounds like ‘-noia’ of ‘paranoia’ feels like a pretty cool crossover of two languages to us.

We can’t wait to see what 2018 brings our friends in Noija. You can follow the band on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Noijaofficial/ or Twitter: https://twitter.com/Noijaofficial  You can also explore our other articles about the band here: http://www.depthmag.com/category/artists/noija/


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