Undercast – Let Go (New Music)

Following up from “Loiter”, Sydney’s Undercast have released “Let Go”. The new track from the four piece has been released with a music video produced by Kieran Ellis-Jones of Crystal Arrow Films.

We last saw Undercast at the Belle Haven album launch at Northcote Social. where the band were having a rough time working through line-up changes and technical difficulties. Their passion for their craft shone through the frustration though, so it is refreshing that Undercast’s vocalist Michael Cross considers “Let Go” to be a new direction for the band. In his words:

“Our music tastes had changed and evolved, and we collectively felt that it was time to take on a new direction. We scrapped everything we had done and began writing a new song with a different influence than our past releases. We instantly knew that it was a step in the right direction to where we wanted to be. It was different to anything I had sung before but as the demo pieced together, it became evident that this was a style we could really sink our teeth into.”

“I’m a mess
But you used to be into it”

“Let Go” takes place after a breakup, where high vibing beats and melodic sound belie a blanket of misery hanging over him. With a heavy heart, his lover has gone and he’s trying to make sense of it all, while continuing to be drawn back to her. Though their connection was toxic, he keeps reaching out; an emotional mess.

There’s so many addictive features of this song, both as a relatable scenario of being stuck on someone that’s no good for you, as well as musically; where driven beats pull a grey cloud of misery forward against his will, with time marching on – yet he’s still not over it.

I’m loving the stand-out sections of “Let Go”, with the somberly expressed “I’m a mess, and the dreamier (rainbow coloured) bridge where maybe something else can happen aside from the same old repeating ache for what he had.

We can’t wait to see what else Undercast have up their sleeves.

To celebrate the new track, Undercast have announced a hometown single release show at Waywards in Newtown on Thursday April 12th. Undercast will be supported by Speakeasy, Clove and Backyard Science.

Photo credit: Georgia Moloney

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