Belle Haven Album Launch, Northcote Social Club 11th August

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The ‘soundtrack of Belle Haven‘s heartache’, You, Me and Everything in Between, was released on 16th June. The Melbourne band celebrated with a launch show at the Northcote Social Club.

From the outset, Fever Speak had the crowd calmly captivated by their grounded stage presence.  They celebrated their own 1st August release of Melpomene by playing tracks from the EP.

Sydney’s Undercast were pushing through a recent line-up change and technical difficulties, and of course a massive trip just to get there, but brought their best regardless, and kept it real throughout.

Maybe it’s just me but Pridelands improve every single time I see them. The guys worked to amp us up on what seemed like a cosy evening out of the cold, and shared some new music too. Their set went off! Super keen to dive into the new tracks when they’re released too.

The buzz was high before the guys of Belle Haven even made their appearance from behind the stage curtain. Belle Haven came with their own lighting on stage, but the biggest beams were from vocalist David De La Hoz’s smiles as he looked out into the crowd. You could feel the moment when it hit him, as well as Chris, Mara, Tom and Jake, that all of these people were there to celebrate this album they made.

The guys brought their energetic best, and complimented a blend of new and old tracks with dual-drumming, and a cover of Saosin‘s “Seven Years” (completing a promise Chris made to David seven years ago). I got my wish of seeing the guys play “Little Polaroid Boy” as well as a stellarly awesome “Hollywood”!

As I’ve come to expect at Belle Haven shows, connection is king; with the audience, with the emotions of the songs, and with their own emotions. You arrive to ‘see a band’ and you leave feeling more bonded with the band, as well as each other. It matters that each of you are there, and the gratitude that people are enjoying their music is repeatedly and genuinely shared by Belle Haven.

So *do not* miss seeing Belle Haven at Bigsound Festival in September and the Polaris ‘The Remedy’ tour in October.

Corey Bonadiesi took some amazing photos of the four bands of the night, as featured in the gallery above.

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