Trash Boat – Shade (New Music)

UK based Trash Boat have announced their upcoming album, Crown Shyness, and with this have released the debut single/music video off the album, “Shade.” Trash Boat are signed to Hopeless Records, and are about to play Slam Dunk Festival in the UK. They are also on the lineup for the upcoming and final Vans Warped Tour, and will be looking to help send the iconic festival out in style. Trash Boat are made up of Tobi Duncan on vocals, Oakley Moffatt on drums, James Grayson on bass, and Dann Bostock and Ryan Hyslop on guitar.

“Shade” is a slightly heavier take on Trash Boat’s previous sound, which some would have called pop punk or alternative punk, and have made clear effort to make better use of the vocals of Tobi Duncan. His voice is definitely more suited to a more melodic approach, and with “Shade” they have found the sweet spot in between fast and slow where Tobi can truly shine.

Instrumentally the track is a darker tone to what previous Trash Boat tracks have been in the past, in particular with the guitars. They have appeared to add a heavier edge to them, suggesting a desire by the band to spark a more intense engagement from the listener. The more melodic approach to the choruses where it is slightly more slowed down and puts more focus on the vocals is very welcome, and it displays the strengths of the band. They turn the heavy factor up as well at times, and increase the intrigue for Crown Shyness tenfold by changing things up a bit.

Lyrically I believe the track appears to be about a relationship where it starts off great, and the other person seems like they are perfect. But as time passes the honeymoon stage wears off and they are able to be seen for what they truly are.

“Now your bright and blinding light begins to fade.”

The other person is toxic, and they only want what is best for themselves. They are already having negative effects on the life of the speaker behind the lyrics and they want them gone. They are being taken advantage of and already want to move on before the toxicity takes over.

Check out “Shade” below on YouTube and all other music streaming services. You can also pre-order Crown Shyness here: or here:


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