Rain Check – Drown (New Music)

Texas based Rain Check have premiered their new single “Drown”, via Penultimate Records. The pop punk/alternative five piece consist of Tyler Walker (vocals), Tim McArthur (guitar), Drew Olivas (guitar), Jesse Keisling (bass), and Neil Johnson (drums).

“Drown” follows on from the band’s Things Change EP and singles “Life Lessons” and “Distant” and is a darker and heavier take on the band’s sound to date.

Forming in January of 2017, the band have been confidently honing their sound with every release. Drummer Neil Johnson shares: “With every release that we have done, we’ve become pretty drastically different. From the time that we started Rain Check we had a pretty clear vision of what we were going for, it’s just taken some time to get there and I think with “Drown” we are finally kinda getting to where we want to be.”

With alluring gritty riffs and an echoing sense of depth, “Drown” uses an even tone of voice at first as it expresses the heavy monotony of life. Blending a somber state of existence with an underlying sense of alarm works very well here.

“On and on the days will change, and everything still feels the same”

Escalating into rougher vocals in amongst the weighty guitar noise, “Drown” has the protagonist of the track rail against the confines of life, while the layer of somber vocals continues. It’s a fitting snapshot of feeling like there’s nothing you can do about a situation with no light at the end of the tunnel.

Vocalist Tyler Walker elaborated that “Drown” is about the day to day grind. “I tried to make it something that everyone could relate to but its specific in its own way to me, day to day life kinda sucks sometimes, especially in my hometown, it kinda feels like a black hole and it drains the life out of you sometimes by just being there and I think it really takes its toll over time”.

“Drown” officially releases on 25th May and can be pre-saved on Spotify HERE. Check out “Drown” via YouTube below.


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