Tiny Moving Parts – Feel Alive (New Music)

Seeing Tiny Moving Parts when they toured with Luca Brasi was an absolute treat. They tore up the stage at The Croxton in Melbourne, with frontman Dylan Mattheisen feeling like a kid on his birthday with how vibrantly full of excitement he was.

The Minnesota three piece (Dylan Mattheisen (guitar and vocals), Matthew Chevalier (bass and vocals), and Billy Chevalier (drums)) have today revealed a new music video which put a smile on my face for its entire duration. “Feel Alive” sees us along with the trio as they explore Paul Bunyanland: An amusement park in Minnesota that they rented out for the occasion.

“I still miss you”

“Feel Alive” is the third track from the band’s Swell album, and manages to make something relatively sad into something that’s a pleasure to enjoy. Melodic guitar flourishes and stuttering rhythms pull attention into the song, having the listener embracing the lyrical nudges to be curious for more.

There’s moments of being stuck in loss and wanting, before feeling like a mental shove back into something more productive. A stunning pocket halfway through feels like a dreamstate of avoidance, which drifts us into admission of losing train of thought. Mental chastisement at the bridge eventually leads to tender acknowledgment of how we’re missing someone.

Feeling beautiful and tragic all in one, “Feel Alive” is another heartfelt piece of music Tiny Moving Parts. Check out the music video below via YouTube:


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