Maverick – Nothin’ To Lose (New Music)

Sydney punk hardcore band Maverick are back with a new track and video. It’s the band’s first release since their debut EP State Of Mind dropped in March via Dogfight Records. “Nothin’ To Lose” was initially released via Triple J Unearthed, before the video was premiered via Heavy Magazine. Maverick are Marty Rowney (vocals), Jordan Perez (guitar), Jack Nisbet (guitar), Corey Edwards (bass), and Mitch Links (drums). The track was produced by Dave Petrovic at Electric Sun Studios

If you’ve not listened to Maverick before, expect inspiration in layman’s terms and honesty, backed by gorgeous guitar work, bass grooves, and driving beats. Unshakeable determination from vocalist Marty Rowney will come at you with rap rhythms and straight down the line lyricism to hit his points home. And consistently these points come back to success, and the gutsy effort that gets you there.

Part of this effort and success oriented perspective leads into being aware of what’s wasting time and ruthlessly jettisoning it. “Nothin’ To Lose” focuses on this curation of one’s life, and Maverick pull us into a scene with their music video (by Haus) where they ritually devote meaningless items to the fire that are thrown away “If it’s nothing”. The ritualistic shedding of the unimportant becomes somewhat tribal with a backing chant.

With checking out “Nothin’ To Lose”, I’m reminded of the infectious drive to carve out a life of one’s own that I felt when reviewing State Of Mind (and reminded of that red hoodie that ends up in the fire!). As literally shared in the lyrics, Maverick are champions of the “constant fight” to keep their life on track. Questions are pointed toward the listener, asking them if they’re fulfilled, and pushing them to make a change if they’re not – with no excuses allowed.

Musically, I’m really happy to hear Maverick taking their sound into a more melodic and interesting direction. Though the relevant brashness has remained, as have the moreish riffs, there seems to be more elements of curiosity to hook in the listener. It’s a definite step up and I hope they keep following this thread, because it’s working for them.

Check out “Nothin’ To Lose” via YouTube:


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