Resolve – Exposed (Track Of The Day, 8th October)

Lyon based Resolve have announced that they have their debut EP Rêverie on the way, releasing on October 13th.

“Exposed” is the first track on the upcoming EP and was released in February, along with a music video showcasing the band as well as the dark vibe of the track.

Beginning with an eerie skin-crawling sensation before being thrust into hecticness, “Exposed” captures a bombardment of anxiety. The person in question is having a hard time, with their heart racing in fear; terrified if they’ll soar or fail. It’s an intense battle going on within them, echoed by screamed vocals and bone shaking beats.

The feeling of exposure comes from diving into whatever it is that they’re going to try for, potentially resulting in public failure, or at best be seen as trying to succeed and feeling vulnerable as they find their feet.

But while stuck, the person feels like they’re going crazy in the cyclic-ness of it all, feeling it overcoming them. The liquidity in the momentary clean vocals and the feeling of flow instead of force sound feels eerie, as they watch their own downfall. But force soon joins in, with impressive and fire-ful chorus, allowing us to absorb Resolve in full flight.

“Asking myself the reasons I’m living
Suffocated by the duty of success
Am I the only one responsible for my fall?”

Breakdowns, drum pummeling, and erratic rhythm feel like stuttering persistence; trying even though it’s difficult. It offers up a sense of trying to break through a ceiling of fear into something greater, something far more free. They seem to be left feeling exposed and haunted by their worst fears, even while asleep.

The drum intensity as the track comes to an end feels like a final wrestle with fear, refusing to take this laying down, and taking part in an amazing fight for something greater than this stuckness.

Check out “Exposed” with the music video below. You can also pre-order on iTunes: or pre-order physical:


Kel Burch

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