The Elephant Trees – Open Up (Track Of The Day, 30th November)

Manchester alternative rockers The Elephant Trees are all about love in our Track Of The Day today. The band consisting of Martha Phillips (vocals/guitar), Sam Hugh-Jones (guitar), Tom Palmer (drums), and Alex Goodall (bass) were inspired by love in all of its varied forms with their track “Open Up”.

“Open Up” is a fun track that feels like springtime lightness, feeling the butterflies of love and yet not necessarily wanting to chase them. With the track’s vibrant sound and genuine vocals, we feel the excitement and also the resistance of diving into love.

“It’s kinda scary
What you’re doing to me”

As the song goes on, it feels like toying with a ‘yes’-ness that grows in raw intensity at the bridge courtesy of drums, guitars and vocals, before bursting out like a volcanic agreement to love.

Martha shares that “Open Up is the story of falling in love with someone when you’re not ready to fall. Instead of living in denial, it’s an encouragement to go with the flow, embrace and celebrate it”.

Check out “Open Up”, and keep in touch with The Elephant Trees via Facebook:


Kel Burch

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