The Beautiful Monument – Sins (Track Of The Day, 17th July)

Choosing just one track from The Beautiful Monument is hard when their lyrics are so relatable and I actually love each track! Their album ‘I’m the Sin’ was released in February, and today’s track of the day is “Sins”.

The Beautiful Monument are an alternative rock band made up of four girls from Melbourne. Their songs entail the psychological strains, the pains of broken relationships and the impacts of various forms of abuse. They aren’t going to shy away from the hard stuff!

The track “Sins” entails the story of the one you love being the one causing you the most damage; a sin.

“You’re forever on my mind, no matter how I hard I try
You’re forever by my side
It’s like you’re etched under my skin
I carry you along with all my sin”

They have also just released a video clip for this track which is dark, full of blood and pretty darn rad!

The video depicts Lizi (singer) falling back into the same pattern of torture through different times. You see the doctor giving Lizi life but later attacking her behind a mask/façade before his true identity is revealed as being the one who had previously stitched her together.​

The video was directed, filmed and edited by Kieran Ellis-Jones of Crystal Arrow Films and the track produced, mixed, mastered and engineered by Sonny Truelove @ STL Studios. Programming and Additional engineering by Evan Lee.​

The Beautiful Monument were lucky enough to support Architects on their recent tour and will be touring the country with Tonight Alive from October.

These girls are rocking it and seriously one of my favourite bands right now!

Kahlia Sharpe

Kahlia is an avid gig-goer who lives and breathes music, aiming to help people by sharing and spreading the love through tunes.

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