Terra – Confidence (New Music)

After a lengthy period of quiet, Melbourne’s own Terra have returned with a flavoursome new single “Confidence”. After an unsettled period of lineup changes, the group’s first hit out with a brand-new lineup is one not to be missed. Featuring David De La Hoz of Belle Haven/Wither fame, “Confidence” is a reaffirming return to form for the five piece and one that should see them return to the spotlight after the success of their 2017 EP Wasted Days.

Terra are Cassie Sutton (vocals), Joey Knight (rhythm guitar), Darcy Leadoux (bass), Darcy Handley (drums), and Sean Morris (lead guitar).

From the opening moments of “Confidence”, listeners are greeted with booming guitar and crashing drums before Sutton’s vocals join the fray 25 seconds in. From its outset, you can hear the improvement that Terra have undergone since their early days, with the single sounding remarkably full and the band more refined than ever.

On another level, the song’s production sounds wholly clean and polished which not only gives Sutton’s virtuous vocals a real opportunity to shine but really throws the vocal harmonies and melody of the song into the spotlight. Conversely, the improved production of the song also introduces a sharpness and edge to the instrumentals that contrast fantastically with the song’s angelic vocals.

Brimming with energy, the song feels very familiar in that you wouldn’t be wrong to slot it alongside early 2010’s pop-punk while it maintains an elegance that really sets it apart from its contemporaries. If anything, it highlights the undeniable quality of the upcoming alternative acts across Australia who continue to find new ways to match the grit and determination of old-school pop-punk with a fresh and clean coat of paint.

“Give me something to believe in”

The song builds beautifully through verses and explodes into a hugely catchy chorus while it’s De La Hoz’s feature that really turns “Confidence” into such a dynamic song. It’s a surprise packet of a guest spot that compliments every facet of the song, while even playing a distinct role in the theme of the song and the music video that the band rolled out alongside the single.

According to Sutton, “Confidence” is about “breaking dependence on role models in order to find identity from within”. The music video compliments this perfectly, depicting two siblings distancing as a result of the negligence of the brother, whose role is performed by De La Hoz while the role of the sister is filled by Sutton herself. A visually impressive music video, the storyline represents Sutton’s growing ability to find strength and self-belief in her independence while De La Hoz is left to rue the ignorance of his actions.

Thematically and sonically strong, “Confidence” is sure to put the name Terra into mouths of music fans across the country. It is resolute and determined in its theme, while full in sound, jam-packed with catchy hooks, punchy drums and divine vocals. With just a little bit of traction, who knows what the five-piece might achieve but I definitely can’t wait to find out.

Watch “Confidence” via YouTube below, or find it via your favourite music streaming places.


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