Sleep Token – The Night Does Not Belong To God (New Music)

Faceless band Sleep Token have released their newest offering for our listening pleasure.  Precisely upon Summer Solstice, “The Night Does Not Belong To God” was released as a single; the first in a fortnightly series of releases until the 22nd November release of their debut album via Spinefarm Records. Fittingly entitled Sundowning, the album title relates to an enhanced restlessness and presentation of behavioural issues (in certain conditions) while the sun is setting. The album is said to connect via a common emotional thread, with “The Night Does Not Belong To God” as our first indication of this.

As cryptic as Sleep Token are, the band’s fans are equally as curious. The single comes with the presentation of a triangular symbol, with various lines and shapes which could be explored or interpreted by the curious. By way of the release of songs, those familiar with Roman numerals can see the upcoming release dates and their associated symbols on the Sleep Token website. Physical release of the album will occur at the conclusion of this progressive sharing.

“We tangle endlessly like lovers entwined”

With an ever present nod to the deity referred to as Sleep, I don’t find it a coincidence that Sleep Token’s songs explore both the shifting from light into dark, as well as the darker experiences of humanity. In Sleep Token’s biography, they refer to Sleep as once holding great power; “bestowing ancient civilisations with the gift of dreams, and the curse of nightmares.” They believe that Sleep now exists in the subconscious minds of each of us.

With “The Night Does Not Belong To God”, Sleep Token audibly present a shift from daylight to darkness and an increasing intensity. A looped melody operates like the tick of a clock, as echoing harmonious voices (including that of Vessel) seem to watch day gently turn to dusk. Seemingly lusting after the night, its arrival is something heavenly in its powerful transformation of another.

Palpable in its yearning and relief, “The Night Does Not Belong To God” is a(nother) majestic and multi-layered piece of music from a unique band. As the song comes to a close, and perhaps deep night turns to morning, the gentle melody returns.

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