Tempest – Remember Me (New Music)

Metalcore band Tempest have just released a new track. The band are Adam Elliott (vocals), Alex Peates (drums), Steve Collier (guitars/vocals), Ross Carter (guitars), and Mike Roberts (bass). The Eastbourne, UK based band released “Remember Me” on 13th September, dedicated to the loss of Ashleigh Connor Brown. The track features George Wright of Idle Shores.

“Remember Me” is explosive and nerve scattering. In confronting layers of sound, it shares an experience of emotional overwhelm, feeling like looking down the barrel of a dire circumstance. The heavy scatteredness captures a sense of anxiety; seeking answers, and also lost and overwhelmed.

“When the feeling overwhelms your soul, have faith, you’re not alone.”

Breakdowns hit like a thump to the chest, like hearts bearing the news of loss. This is a remembrance of a track, and this is most noticeably felt at a moment of softer contemplation, moving from disbelief and ache into connection to the friend they lost.

The band clearly made this track to honour Ashleigh, but there’s also a strong sense of never wanting anyone else to ever go through what their friend did, as well as for no one else to lose their friend to suicide. This track is for them, it’s all for them.

With seeking and heart-searing riffs, it’s clear that there’s a lot of love here for their friend. They are left wondering why their friend had to go, and have an overwhelming desire for anyone that listens to know that their existence matters, just as Ashleigh’s did: You mattered, you were unique, you existed in our hearts and minds, even if you felt alone.

Check out “Remember Me”, and also follow the band via Facebook to see what they’re up to.


Kel Burch

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