Dear Seattle – Cut You Deep (Track Of The Day, 5th October)

Our Track Of The Day today is chock full to the brim with the cure for a broken heart. Brae, Jez, Simmo and Josh of Sydney’s Dear Seattle share their creative remedy in the new video for “Cut You Deep”, from their self-titled EP (released 14th July).

As you might expect of this band, mega sing-along choruses show their faces on “Cut You Deep”, in amongst the lyrical honesty and guitar humbleness that soon explodes into soaring impressiveness as the track goes on.

For the brand new music video, premiered by triplej Unearthed and supported by their NIDA partnership, we go back in time to the 70s. Bleary eyed in a new day and dealing with the aftermath of some kind of party, Brae receives the bad news over the telephone: It’s over.

Brae’s mates find him tearful, in front of a makeshift shrine to his lost love, before they move into action to help their friend with his heartbreak.

“I’m just the one that you had you didn’t need
Now I’m feeling more than ever
I cut you deep
So fucking deep”

While Brae is soaking up the company of a burger and beers, Jez, Simmo, and Josh are busily collecting supplies and setting up in a paddock under the watchful eye of cows. It’s a group effort, requiring tandem massages, and everyone pitches in. They invite Brae out to join them as the sun starts to set.

He’s there in the paddock, but not there. Clearly not at all in the partying mood.. until the boys reveal their secret Heartbreak Recovery Device™. The spiritual cleansing via liquid gold, hops, and yeast, annointed from a trojan high-top brings Brae back to life and puts a smile on his formerly sad face.

Cheers, Dear Seattle. Here’s to letting heartbreak wash away. Fuck being sad!

Watch the Dear Seattle team in action with operation drown your sorrows:

Dear Seattle – Cut You Deep (triple j Unearthed premiere)

We're premiering the new clip from Dear Seattle and not to spoil it but this might be the… biggest shooie ever? It's the first video from our 2017 NIDA partnership – catch the rest of them Saturday morning on rage!

Posted by triple j Unearthed on Wednesday, October 4, 2017


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