Stick To Your Guns – The Reach For Me: “Forgiveness Of Self” (New Music)

I know the things I’ve done, and most I’m proud but some I’m not.

Orange County hardcore band Stick To Your Guns have expanded upon some of the mythology of their October 2017 album True View, releasing a music video for “The Reach For Me: “Forgiveness Of Self””. The final track of the album, “The Reach For Me” is a confession of a song, shared in a more subdued style than we typically see from the five piece (Jesse Barnett, Chris Rawson, Josh James, Andrew Rose, George Schmitz).

In the track’s new video, created by Adam Villasenor and premiered by Metal Hammer, we watch Jesse Barnett as he makes his way through what appears to be a cathedral. As he explores the darkened space guided by two ‘shepherds’, he comes across various characters. He sees Anger, railing against his chains attached at the neck. He sees Sorrow, trapped and alone within a glass case, and he sees Punishment, whipping himself bloody. Jesse moves by each of these, finally coming upon the Self standing before him.

“If I can’t forgive myself for the pain I’ve caused,
It will always haunt me.
I’m so sorry.”

These characters and the journey Jesse takes brilliantly reflect the message of “The Reach For Me”, with Jesse recognising his mistakes and flaws, and wanting to take a path of forgiveness and knowing himself, instead of; becoming stuck in the chains of anger, endlessly trapped and self-punished in sorrow, and continually punishing himself. It’s emotionally moving, bringing to life the fallout of not forgiving oneself, and just how damaging that can be.

Watch the powerful new video now:

Image courtesy of Rowan Donohue, from the Stick To Your Guns/Being As An Ocean show at Corner Hotel Melbourne, in January 2018.

Kel Burch

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