Statues – Defiance (New Music)

As far as heavy songs go, this is poetry.

Perth’s Statues have released a new music video for “Defiance”, from their No Grave, No Burial album, which came out 8th September last year. I’ll be over here kicking myself as to why I’ve slept on this band, while simultaneously soaking up the majesty of No Grave, No Burial.

“Defiance” is pummelling and alarmist, as though we’re in the heat of battle. Downright sexy riffs back the emotionally heightened vocals and it’s easy to fall into the story of this. “Defiance” is heart-racing, feeling like we’re running to escape and feeling pressured to evade, and I’m easily hooked on its riffs and rhythms.

As the track goes on, the sound is escalating and climbs with worsening anxiety; pushed forward by relentless driving forces. With gorgeous rhythms throughout, all the way to a sombre defeat a la ‘Is this what my life has come to?’, I am instantly in love with Statues’ sound.

In celebration of No Grave, No Burial, Statues are touring Australia, along with Arteries. Tickets are on sale at For more information about Statues, please go to

Lose yourself in this.



Kel Burch

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