Sophisticated Dingo – Head Talk (New Music)

Melbourne garage rock duo Sophisticated Dingo have released a loveable video for their track “Head Talk”. It’s hard to believe that it’s just the two piece (Jimmy and Lew) behind their sound, which is contagiously cool.

In the video for “Head Talk”, it’s ‘just a couple of soft dingers’ making their way through the world (in Balaclava, for the locals) and trying to please a couple of kittens with a ‘trash pop’ soundtrack. You can’t help but feel for these rejected pups as the kittens snub them, and then cheer for them as the kittens come around to their garage rock prowess, dingo style.

I can’t love this enough, and was all smiles watching the guys of Sophisticated Dingo having a really good time, both as dingoes and musicians. “Head Talk” gets in under your skin whether you like it or not and it’d be a blast to see the two piece live. As the duo say, “it’s a sing-along anthem that you can’t get out of your head, but also is cool enough to keep on your phone”.

Anthemic and fun. More please, Sophisticated Dingo!

(Melbournites – You can catch the dingers at The Tote on 1st September for their launch of “Head Talk”. DETAILS
Non-Melbournites – You can catch the guys on Spotify HERE.)



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