Aburden – Without You (Track Of The Day, 21st August)

There’s something about melodic hardcore band Aburden and their intense sound that feels like both an escape and a bad dream at the same time.

Track Of The Day today is “Without You”, from Aburden’s My Old Friend EP, released 18th May. Each track on My Old Friend could be understood as a chapter of a story, with Aburden’s moving cinematic sound and spoken word/clean vocals progressively sharing pieces of the story.

“Without You” has gentle beginnings, gaining strength with echoing vocals and strengthening drums. It builds with vocalist Mason Forster’s passionate screams being at the peak.

The vocal intensity remains in spoken word verse, describing an experience as it unfolded, with a vibe of disbelief, discomfort, and regret. The choruses seem to become ever more massive and Kyle Burrows’ clean vocals manage to break through the wall of sound like a voice of reason, albeit a concerned one.

“As May passes by
It’s just another month
Without you”

Aburden do intensity very well, and “Without You” is no exception.

Mason, Kyle, Ben, Jordan and Kylan have just come off touring with Stepson and are entering a break period into the lead-up of what I hope is new music!

The band have also just announced that they are part of the line-up for Invasion Fest. More details on Invasion Fest are HERE.

Here’s “Without You”:

Band image by Corey Bonadiesi.

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