Sleep Token – Give (New Music)

It has been nigh on seven sundowns since we were first blessed with “The Night Does Not Belong to God”. Now we have received the latest offering from enigmatic band Sleep Token, entitled “Give”. The single will appear on their forthcoming debut album, Sundowning, out November 21st via Spinefarm Records.

For the uninitiated, Sleep Token are an anonymous collective of robed/masked musicians set on spreading the word of an ancient deity who’s name is so undecipherable, they have resorted to colloquially refer to Him as “Sleep”. In the lead-up to Sundowning, Sleep Token have sequentially released one single every fortnight at sundown (BST Time), and five more are to follow.

Duality and contrast have been ever-present themes throughout each single Sleep Token have released so far, and with “Give” the focus seems to be upon a relationship between two individuals.

“If you want to give
Then give me all that you can give”

A gentle, buoyant synthesiser sets the mood for this love song, placing emphasis on the breath and expansiveness of the soundscape, and by way of composition, “Give” takes Sleep Token to a pop vibe first seen on “Dark Signs”. The lyrics detail the existence of a great darkness between the two individuals, which they offer to each other in what feels like an extremely trusting ritual. By accepting each other’s darkness, imperfections and insecurities, they truly come to love and care for each other, which is something I think a lot of us can relate to.

Sleep Token’s softest offering so far proves that they are excellent, multifaceted musicians who refuse to be pigeonholed into one singular genre, but rather branching out in anticipation for what is surely to be an incredible album.


Listen to “Give” via YouTube below, and pre-order Sundowning via:


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