The Amity Affliction: Heaven and Hell @ Riverstage, Brisbane

What better way to celebrate Riverstage’s 30th anniversary than to invite a stacked lineup to rock the stage?! That’s what happened last night at Heaven and Hell; a showcase of impressive heavy acts from Australia and abroad.

The occasion happily coincided with The Amity Affliction‘s Australian tour, with the tour including the support of international acts Underøath, Crossfaith, as well as the Australia’s own inimitable Pagan. In full, the Riverstage event featured: The Amity Affliction, Underøath, Trophy Eyes, Crossfaith, Make Them Suffer, Void Of VisionThornhill, Pagan, Endless Heights, and Nerve Damage.  Our photographer Nico Ford was on hand from Void Of Vision’s set onward to capture the Riverstage action.

Void Of Vision

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Make Them Suffer

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Trophy Eyes

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The Amity Affliction

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[All photos courtesy of Nico Ford:]
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