Sleep On It – Fireworks (feat. Derek Discanio) (New Music)

Since releasing Lost Along The Way EP, Chicago pop punk band Sleep On It have been going hard at touring, as well as working on new music behind the scenes. Overexposed is the band’s first full length album, planned for release on 3rd November via EqualVision Records/Rude Records.

We’ve been given a taste of the upcoming album with the release of three singles so far;  “Distant”, “Window”, and now “Fireworks” featuring Derek Discanio of State Champs.

“My eyes comprised of everything out of focus
The sound of silence setting in”

“Fireworks” brings the high energy sound we’re used to from Sleep On It, plus the warmth, want and ‘please let me make it through this alive’ energy of Zech Pluister’s vocals. The track effortfully directs attention toward a heart who doesn’t seem to see that they’re giving their all to them. Things are going awry and there’s inner battles being fought, and yet still they try. So why can’t they see? Derek Discanio joins in on the last chorus with a twist. Together it all packs a feels punch.

Check out “Fireworks” by streaming via Spotify. You can also pre-order Overexposed and instantly download “Fireworks” here:


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