Sink The Ship – Second Chances (New Music)

Sink The Ship, based out of Cleveland Ohio in the USA, have released a new music video for their song “Second Chances”, which is taken from their upcoming debut album, titled Persevere. The American four piece hard/easycore band are signed to Sharptone Records, and will be heading out on a tour of the US supporting Cincinatti’s very own Settle Your Scores. Also on the tour will be the pop punk three piece, Telltale.

“Second Chances” is a retelling of the journey of life, and how it commonly goes when dealing with other human beings, and how a bad relationship with someone can ruin how you see things. And although it does touch on the negatives of that, it also has a sense of empowerment to it. The song speaks of having people take advantage of you and stabbing you in the back, and keeping cautious after that so that it cannot happen again. The empowerment comes from the way it is written, it is like it is almost a warning to anyone listening, almost as if this one bad event has made them stronger, and has given them the ability to prevent toxic people from entering their life.

“I could never forget the name of the face of a man that crosses me.
I’ve got a list you don’t want to be on.
No sympathy. The grudge is life-long.”

Sink The Ship have a really upbeat, fun sound, that is still slightly heavy, and they have that classic easycore sound that we all know and love. “Second Chances” is a song that comes at you pretty fast and features some truly harsh vocals, but still manages to mellow it up with the catchy choruses and soft riffs.

Check out “Second Chances” from the upcoming album Persevere now, available on all music streaming services. You can also check it out via the music video below. We’ve also added “Second Chances” to our Spotify playlist: The Depth List: 2018.


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