Earthbøund – Liquify EP (Review)

Launching onto the scene in 2016, progressive metalcore band Earthbound initially introduced their sound with Solstice. Featuring Tom Armstrong (vocals), Jake Kershaw (guitar), Daniel Drowley (guitar), Rhys Alexander (drums), and David Lawson (bass), the band then grew an impressive resume of bands they’ve supported on tour: Dream On Dreamer, Young Lions, Capture The Crown, Death In Bloom, Belle Haven, Arkive, and more. Now in 2018, the South Gippsland based quintet are taking us on a journey with the seven tracks of Liquify.

“Monochrome” is the first track, and is a rather emotional beginning lyrics wise. Immediately it speaks as if coming from the mouth of a mental illness sufferer. Insomnia and overthinking are hinted at, as well as depression. The speaker behind these words (a lot of them screamed almost as if they are a battlecry) is clearly suffering. They aren’t in control of themselves and they want it to end, in whatever way possible. “Monochrome” is an emotional track which as well as featuring some meaningful lyrics, demonstrates the fantastic instrumental prowess that Earthbound clearly have, especially shown with the breakdown here that would melt the face off of anyone.

“I just want to be rid of this pain, I just want to be normal again.”

Next up is “Aquamarine”, which involves a killer vocal cameo from Jacob Charlton (Thornhill). There is no messing around here as “Aquamarine” gets straight into the fast paced but still technically pleasing instrumentals, leading into a powerful vocal display from Tom Armstrong. This song also has noticeably impressive work involving a strong guitar performance and some pretty hectic drums. It gives off a sense of yearning, and sorrow as well.


“Kaleidoscope” is track three, and I believe is a re-recorded version of a single Earthbound had previously released in 2017. It continues the truly stellar instrumental performance that is yet to falter, as “Kaleidoscope” simply forces you to move. Sitting still in your chair simply isn’t an option for this track, as multiple breakdowns and the constant changing of pace and rhythm keeps you on your toes all the way through. Lyrically the song appears to be reflecting a persons mental battle with themselves, as they can see that they are tearing themselves apart. They know that they need to make some kind of change to fix themselves, and they can see that if they don’t fix this then they may fall apart.

“Bring back the colour to these weary eyes.”


Track four is “Evaporate”, which allows the listener a chance to breathe finally, even if only for a second. The song begins slow and soft, but quickly gets back into the harsh vocals and neck-injuring instrumentals. “Evaporate” is about the implosion of a relationship, and the aftermath of such a thing happening. The jump between the fast and slow pacing of this song allows the bass to shine through at times. This track starts slow, picks up the pace, slows down again, and then gets VERY heavy to close it out.

“Nebula” is the fifth track off Liquify and storms out of the gate with some brutal chugging guitar, combining perfectly with the drums and bass in a way that will no doubt get the crowds moving when these guys play these tracks live. “Nebula” is actually a very different feeling track to the others, as it is a love song. It is about the speaker, who is floating through the world completely meaningless, until they meet someone. The one person that makes everything okay. This whole track is about how one person can change everything. From previous tracks it appeared the speaker of the songs was losing hope, losing purpose, and losing sense of what they were meant to do, but in “Nebula” they find everything they need in one person. This song is beautifully written lyrically, and yet again features strong instrumentals that keep the heavy vibes going through what is becoming quite a solid EP.

“Now when I look up into the sky, the stars I see, they’re all in your eyes.”

“Liquify” is a chance for everyone to relax. Sit down, take a seat, have a drink, and enjoy the chill instrumental build up that is “Liquify”. The build up pays off with a nice little beat to get your hips moving to to end the song.

“Watercolour” is the seventh and final track off Liquify, and closes out the EP in strong fashion. It gives off a feeling of being trapped, and feeling alone. This song is about suffering in silence, being alone, and not having anything to relieve the pain.

Liquify is a very solid effort for their second EP, as Earthbound consistently deliver very strong vocal and instrumental performances throughout the entire EP. The lyrical goodness comes and goes, as some songs appear to have strong meanings while others seem to lose their way a bit. This is pure metalcore, and it is executed very well, although it could be said that it is somewhat generic at times. Nevertheless Liquify is a strong EP which will be enjoyed by anyone that loves moving their head and having a good old yell.

Highlight tracks include “Monochrome”, “Kaleidoscope”, and “Nebula”.


Earthbound - Liquify
  • EP Rating
The Good

Strong vocal and instrumental performances, with some tracks having strong meanings lyrically. Well executed metalcore.

The Bad

Somewhat generic at times by way of the expected metalcore sound.

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