Sever – Static Scream (Track Of The Day, 23rd November)

Our Track Of The Day comes from an alternative rock/post-hardcore band from Riga, Latvia. Sever are Leonīds Korenevskis (vocals), Pavel Trebukhin (lead guitars), Iļja Peškovs (bass), Stanislavs Kobelevs (rhythm guitars) and Jevģēnijs Bratuščenkovs (drums).

“Static Scream” begins with an ethereal introduction, with sweet piano feeling like a homecoming. A rockin’ expansion kicks in, and gritty vocals tainted with ache and brokenness set a clearer scene of what’s going on here and what Sever are sharing. In more spacious verses they open up about someone they’ve lost and are missing.

The massive chorus and strong vocal call-out reflects a desperate searching and seeking for what they no longer have, with amazing ongoing intensity of sound. They’ve sunken their all into a relationship/connection with someone and in frustration, it seems to be lost now.

“There’s nothing here for me except this memory I must keep
So you can find your way back”

The track is raw in expressing a desire for something that’s not there. A beautiful bridge calls out into the oblivion, wanting the ‘horror’ to end by having a hand reach out to them through the nothingness noise of this void. The music video reflects the manner in which the static takes over their existence, and desperate hope is apparent.

It’s unclear whether “Static Scream” is part of an upcoming full length release, but we can only hope, because it’s incredible to soak up and Sever rock impressively hard. More of this please!

Check out “Static Scream” through the music video below.


Kel Burch

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