Endless Heights – Come A Little Closer (New Music)

Sydney’s Endless Heights shared some big news today! Album Vicious Pleasure is on the way, releasing February 16th via Cooking Vinyl. The band also released “Come a Little Closer” as a new single, premiering on triplej radio.

“Come a Little Closer” is everything you’d want in an Endless Heights song: Beautiful melodic guitars, tender vocals, searching and expansive sound combined with curious vibes of darkness lurking in the background. Engaging, beautiful, impressive. “Come a Little Closer” has been on repeat since it graced Spotify this morning, and needless to say the hype for Vicious Pleasure is high.

“Come a Little Closer” seems to tell the story of someone who is left undone after past relationships have gone wrong. They find themselves on the cusp of something new and are inviting it in and appreciating the beauty of it, while also making sense of their own entangled self in the process.

“Don’t take that way back
The road along my past”

Stand-out elements of the track are the way the vocals span from whispered to screamed as well as the spaciousness that exists at times, particularly with just the melodic riff and silence, both through the song as well as in that delicious fade-out closing.

The full album track listing features singles we know and love (“You Coward”, “Drain”, “Pray I Fade”) as well as new tracks we can’t wait to hear.

  1. Taste It
  2. You Coward
  3. Toxic
  4. Drain
  5. Come A Little Closer
  6. Pray I Fade
  7. Goldleaf
  8. Shiver Down
  9. Paralyse
  10. Run
  11. Heart Of Your Lie

You can pre-order Vicious Pleasure right now: https://24hundred.net/collections/vicious-pleasure

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