Mercury Sky – Nausea (Track Of The Day, 1st October)

Today’s Track Of The Day comes from Sydney’s Mercury Sky. The progressive rock five piece have got a lot going on, having released their second EP Infra on 22nd September, and kicking off a tour in support of it on the same day. The band are Kay Thatch (vocals), Keiren Lovett (guitar/programming), Cameron Davies (guitar), Tom Bergman (bass guitar) and Keiran Berry (drums).

We’re digging their single from Infra, “Nausea”, which goes places that you didn’t see coming. It’s impossibly delicate as it begins, sounding like an invitation to connect into something beautiful together. It isn’t long before raw fire screams through our veins, seeming to reflect raw intensity.

Layered vocals take on a sonic appearance of an intertwined dance, with irregular beats also echoing this attempt to work out a flowing combination of multiple parts, all beautiful in their own right.

“Nausea” captures quite an intense ride, in full spectrum of colour and gut-wrenching vulnerability. There’s so much beauty here.

Friends in Australia may still be lucky enough to catch Mercury Sky live. Details are below! In the meantime, soak up “Nausea” as well as Infra.




Kel Burch

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