Movements – Colorblind (Track Of The Day, 2nd October)

Alternative band Movements have an album on the way, with Feel Something releasing on 22nd October via Caroline Australia. In the meantime they have shared “Colorblind” from the album, which is our Track Of The Day today.

Patrick Miranda (vocalist) shares that “Colorblind” is a love song and sums up the song very neatly by saying: “I’m colorblind, and I use that as an analogy for love. After going through some bad breakups, I’d meet people and fail to connect on a deeper level. I’d lose interest and walk away. Even though these girls had so much to offer me, I couldn’t see it. No matter what, I couldn’t see these relationships through, and I didn’t know why.”

Watching the “Colorblind” music video, in black and white darkness the Movements members have footage of flowers as well as themselves playing the song overlaid onto them, as they open up about a breakup, or at least a confrontation. It’s a brilliant way to show a disconnect with themselves as well as blossoming beauty that they’re not necessarily part of. The flashes of light plunging the scene into greyscale feel exposing of the truth.

The lyrical imagery is amazing, capturing the ‘colorblind’ lover’s unaffectedness in the face of their partner trying unsuccessfully to get through to them. We are right there with them.

“Save yourself, I’m not worth the time
This failure is built deep into my design
Is there something wrong with me?
This doubt is deafening”

The confusion that Patrick describes is captured in the second verse as all of the reasons tumble out, trying to pick the right one and wondering why love doesn’t hit home. The riffs feel like they too are searching for a fit.

The “didn’t know why” factor that Patrick refers to is amped up in the track, with vocal screams, accented pauses, and the lighting flashes feeling like a slap in the face. It’s not just that breakup or argument, it’s an ongoing situation where this keeps happening (‘A new face, a different story, the same mess of me’).

This is such a cool track, and I cannot wait to dive into Feel Something if this is what I have to look forward to. The album can be pre-ordered here:



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