S’efforcer – Glass (New Music)

New York progressive metalcore act S’efforcer have released new single “Glass” and announced the upcoming release of Life}•{Less for August 14 via We Are Triumphant. Though the band have been in existence since 2014, we’re new to the act and getting to know the work of band members Quay Jones, Bryce Vandewark, Matt Shindle via “Glass”.

Reminiscent of Silent Planet in sound and voice, S’efforcer draws the listener into “Glass” with a rhythmically chaotic and turbulent start. Feeling like tumbling ineffectively, it’s a sense of struggling with unseen forces, with no punches landing upon the target(s).  The band’s dedication of the single to “any child or adolescent trapped within the mental health system of the United States, as well as anybody struggling with traumas inflicted upon them by the very system that was supposed to aid them” speaks volumes in explaining the circumstances or at least inspiration behind this powerlessness.

Dropping into something more fierce complete with chugging and pummelling, “Glass” sets an unsettling scene of disturbing disconnect. There’s no easy rhyme or rhythm to be found, which perhaps matches the “haze of medication” world that’s being emphatically shared through the intricately delivered lyrics.

With audible desperation, the quest for “the self that I’d known” slips away and the mention of ‘fragility’ echoes the song title. Instead of self-connection, the song has painted scenes of confusion and muted numbness. I adore the word pairing of “ethereal erasure” to capture the experience, and the sense of being unable to fight this.

It’s a gutsy approach, to pull your listener into your scrambled sonic world and have them along for the emotional ride. There’s little room for hooks or catchiness here, but an impactful and multi-faceted experience nonetheless. Check out “Glass” via YouTube below, or check out pre-order options for Life}•{Less: https://sefforcerofficial.bandcamp.com/merch/



Kel Burch

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