Agnes Manners – Evergreen (New Music)

Agnes Manners have already won hearts with the release of singles “As Long As You’re Mine” and “Sydney”, and the project continues to joyfully blossom.  In conjunction with the release of third single “Evergreen” today, the full band line-up for the project has been revealed, and we now can reveal the news of an album on the way! Fantasia Famish releases on 18th September.

Where the lyrics of “Sydney” called for connection, the project’s expansion seems to embody its manifestation, with Agnes Manners’ creator Matthew Gravolin describing his new band members as “incredible musicians and some of the most beautiful people I’ve encountered here in Melbourne.”  The line-up is completed by Lachlan Monty, Alexander Trail, and CJ James, which are names you may already be familiar with, courtesy of their other musical projects; Bad/Love (and formerly Make Them Suffer and Storm The Sky) and Cottonmouth.

“I’m smiling now in a foolish way”

Of the twelve tracks of Fantasia Famish, “Evergreen” is the first, offering a clear and also meandering start to the album.  With hand claps and finger snaps, the song is a beckoning and feelgood invitation into contemplation, as well as a surrender to what the future will bring.

Fluidly rolling forward, “Evergreen” leans into self-observations and flaws, but never for long before the listener is blissfully swept off their feet again, and giving oneself over to celebration and love.  No longer seen as a “rabid dog from hell”, “Evergreen”‘s opening line captures the giddy freshness of falling in love.

In the process of bringing the song to life with producer Shane Edwards, it was “tropical romance” that Matthew had intended to create. To my ears, “Evergreen” delivers this feeling with its carefree mood, easy beat, bird calls and chatter, as well as directly with lyrics. In “Evergreen”‘s chorus, Matthew greets the sun of a new day while burning endlessly through freedom with his love, and the melodies of the song’s searching verses vine and weave with curiosity.

As seems to be Matthew’s signature, each line is sung with an earnest desire to express all that lies within.  Crafted with a combination of care, blunt truths, and dreaminess, it’s a dynamic for a listener to get lost in or understand something from – whichever you choose. Enjoy “Evergreen” via YouTube below, and stay tuned for more from the Agnes Manners universe.

Edited 23rd July, you can now see “Evergreen” in full living colour in its Cian Marangos music video!


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