Rome Hero Foxes – BSFBD (New Music)

Damn, Rome Hero Foxes know how to make a song. The Texas based band have just released “BSFBD”, the first release since their album 18 Summers dropped. Standing for “Be Sad For Better Days”, this seems to somehow sum up the entirety of Rome Hero Foxes’ discography to date. They’ve certainly never shied away from embracing their own sadness, all while romanticising sweetness of the future.

Melancholic and sweet, “BSFBD” flows dreamily and thoughtfully, nudging someone to notice that they are in their own way. I interpret this as someone trying to get through to a lover who is having a hard time (“running from your presence or your past”), and feeling this difficulty place a wedge between them.

Rome Hero Foxes are no strangers to the theme of unrequited love (for example on their I/O EP), and it feels like we’re here again, handed gentle melodic pictures, painted with beautiful lyrics like: “Darling you’re all I’ve ever wanted, but the day’s already started. I’ll just leave you in my dreams until we meet once again”. This tender and hopeful romanticisation blooms courtesy of stunning work on keys and harmonies. This is the kind of music you play on headphones while watching clouds or just nestled cosily in bed.

“Someone else will be here someday”

For me, “BSFBD” hits its stride at its bridge and I go all goosebumpy. That’s where affected vocals echo with hope, as though a lightning bolt of realisation has struck the band, and the song subsequently changes. With this we’re given a heartfelt reminder that things won’t always be so unrequited, that spaces won’t always be empty, and that warmth will replace the cold.

“BSFBD” is musically stunning too. The song comes across as a multilayered kaleidoscope of hope whose coloured shards electrify, transforming into shooting stars of possibility. Yes. “Someone else will be here someday”.

Love it! Watch “BSFBD” via YouTube below:


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