Reside: Interview with Liam Guinane

Over the past year, those in the Melbourne alternative scene may have heard whispers of an up and coming band hitting the scene hard. “Reside” they whisper. “Hey man, have you checked out the band with the guy in the skivvy?”. To this, I proclaim, “Yes”. I was present at a house party when Reside played their unofficial first show. Even then they played with intensity, fire, and untamed emotion.

How these boys handle the stage has become ever more refined in its approach. We get a fashion forward, boundary-pushing vocalist, a long-locked drummer who may end up shirtless, a chic buttoned-up guitarist, and a mysterious bass player who rocks some of the best hair I’ve ever seen, bar my own, of course.

Reside has evolved from their debut EP Closing Doors, leaving us with songs like, “In This Moment” and as of late, “Replace Me” which has been added to a plethora of playlists on Spotify.

We at Depth met up with vocalist Liam Guinane who invited us into his studio to chat about what Reside is, their new release and their upcoming EP The Light That You Saw, among other things.

As of now, I will be seeing this video for the first time, so I am unaware of how it turned out, though I do recall a rogue coffee machine which didn’t stop us from talking. Finally, what cannot be overstated is the level of thought Reside has put into their new release and we will have to wait and see if the EP follows suit.

[Image of Reside and interview video courtesy of Liam Davidson]
Alec Wilson

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