Mat Kerekes – Hawthorne (New Music)

Mat Kerekes has done it again! Released another stunner of a song, that is. Following on from the surprisingly theatrical single “Diamonds” is “Hawthorne”!

Sharing it somewhat intimately and directly, Mat posted a link on his social media, where fans could sign up and receive new single “Hawthorne”. I didn’t need to be asked twice. “Hawthorne” was almost instantly moving to me with its affectionate story about a free spirited person.. or at least someone that used to be free spirited.

Clear and without decoration is where the song starts; just Mat’s voice and a guitar in sombre and compassionate observation. Bursting out into fuller and more nostalgic territory, piano, bass and drums join in. The result at the chorus is something that feels triumphant, honouring, and honestly a little tear-jerking (is it just me?). The choruses of “Hawthorne” feel like home; being seen and accepted in a full blown state of expression.

“I saw you singing your favourite song with your eyes shut, as loud as you could”

If it’s not moving enough, strings gradually creep in and add to this heartfelt capture of someone joyful and free. I never feel like I fully understand Mat (or Citizen‘s) lyrics as well as I’d like to, but I appreciate a side-stage view of this parade of memories and acknowledgement of aliveness in “Hawthorne”.

Each single from Mat’s upcoming album Ruby feels incredibly fresh and creatively exciting, and that includes “Hawthorne”. I’m very excited to see what else he has in store. US friends will have a chance of getting their hands on Ruby when Mat begins his tour on Thursday. We wait patiently to discover when Ruby might be available to Australians!

Enough from me, go listen to “Hawthorne” by signing up here:

[Image of Mat Kerekes courtesy of Liam Davidson @ Unify Gathering 2019]

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