Reside – In This Moment (New Music)

Melbourne based alt-rock four piece Reside have likely just dropped their best song to date with “In This Moment”. Slamming a big bag of feelings and sadness on the table to welcome themselves back, the ‘resident sadboys’ are ready to take the emo resurgence to a whole new level. Reside are Liam Guinane (vocals), Salesea Brown (bass), Ariel Johnson (guitar), and Dylan Houston (drums).

Leading with a huge swaying intro of guitar, bass, and drums, the heavy reflections of emotion move back and forth like crashing waves. A gritty and dark bass line meets the melodic weeping vocals, and leads into a chorus dripping with proclamations of pain. Suffering and alone, whatever the protagonist is dealing with behind the lyrics seems to be getting rougher and rougher each day.

“I’m all alone. It’s something that I can’t quite live with.”

The whole song vibes like an open wound. Blood and feelings pour out with gushing instrumentals and aching vocals. The music reflects the mood behind the lyrics, and as I listen I see what they’re seeing; an overwhelming and overpowering sense of paralyzing anxiety, a sense of helplessness as someone has a slave-like emotional hold over you, and continued failure at attempted happiness.

Reside will be launching the single on November 16, at The Catfish in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Check out “In This Moment” now here:

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